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It is your ability to earn an income that supports your ability to have a mortgage and live your life – if your income stopped due to sickness or accident, how long would it be before you faced financial difficulties.

If you find yourself in a position whereby you can no longer work, due to injury or illness, then income protection (IP) will make payments to you, potentially until the age of retirement, death or your return to work.

Income Protection is something that we would encourage every working adult to consider, whether you are a home owner -or not.

Income protection is not the same as PPI (payment protection insurance).  The payments do not go to your lender they are paid directly to you personally.  Contact us for full and clear information and we’ll by happy to clarify any information you may need or be unsure about.

REVIEW your current policies with us. Due to changes in products available it is always a good idea to review and ensure you are receiving the best possible protection.


Life insurance is a policy that pays out when the person covered dies. Life insurance policies differ from insurer to insurer, so it’s important to get independent advice on various products to ensure you get the right level of cover for you, at an affordable price. Pricing can vary dramatically so it’s important to understand the cover you will get.

All applications made are thoroughly assessed so it is imperative that you answer in complete honesty. A common reason for Life Insurance claims to be declined is that questions were not answered in full, or incorrectly.  Considering the time these come into effect it would be devasting for family to have a claim declined.

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Not something that any of us consider, or generally think will happen to us.  Unfortunately it might, and if you have a critical illness cover it will help minimise any financial impact on you and your family.

Note: not all conditions are covered, and policies should be fully understood before committing.


If you don’t keep up regular monthly payments on your mortgage your home may be at risk of repossession. This is where mortgage protection insurance cover can become invaluable. If for any reason you become too unwell to work, or find yourself unemployed, your mortgage will be paid (subject to policy cover and duration).

There are three mortgage protection covers to consider – unemployment only; accident and sickness only; and accident, sickness and unemployment. Get in touch for full information on this product.

Policy terms and conditions differ greatly, and premiums are dependent on variables such as age, mortgage repayments, your employment.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in mortgage protection, and will ensure you get the right cover.

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